It was these 3 like-minded individuals who first conceived the concept of the Mandd Sobhann experiment. However, the task of carrying forward the movement, fell on the shoulders of Eric. He, inspired by Chafra and with the help of a few comrades, most of who had crossed over, along with him, from the trade union movement, took the movement forward. As, an organization had not yet evolved, the entire leadership was Eric’s responsibility and those who worked with him did so, more for the love of and admiration towards the person, rather than for the love of Konkani.

But as the quantum of work increased, the need for an organization began to be felt.

Though, November 30, 1986 is recorded as the date of birth of Mandd Sobhann (the day the first Mandd Sobhann performance was presented on the lawns of Hotel Woodlands, Mangalore), the organization was born later and was registered as a society under the Karnataka Societies Act - Reg. No. 257/91-92, in the year 1991.

The organizational structure consists of –

  1. A General Body of members consisting of Konkani enthusiasts and activists.
  2. An annually elected Executive Committee (with 2 permanent and 3 ex-officio members).
  3. A Core Committee of Office Bearers elected from among the Executive Committee members.
  4. A Governing Body of eminent Konkanis to oversee the functioning of Kalaangann.


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