‘Love Letters’, originally written by Javed Siddiqui and enacted by Shabana Azmi and Farooq Sheikh and translated to Kannada by Jayant Kaikini and enacted by Srinivasa Prabhu and Arundhati Nag has been translated to Konkani by Vitori KarkalChristopher D’Souza Neenasam and Zeena Braggs presented this play under the direction of Viddu Uchil, as the 174th Mho’ynyalli Manchi, at Kalaangann, on Sun., June 5, 2016. A packed audience witnessed the play.






In the audience interaction that followed immediately, high praises were showered on the script, the director, the artist, the background music, lighting and specially the 2 characters who presented the play – Christopher D’Souza Neenasam and Ms. Zeena Braggs. There was great appreciation all around for the standard of content and presentation.






Prior to the play, the music album ‘Tum Sobith Distai’, with lyrics and tunes by 2 youngsters Haston and Johnson from Byndoor and music arrangement by M. Dolvin Kolalgiri was released by Eric Ozario. Eminent singers such as Gurukiran, Prajoth D’Sa, Lavita Lobo, Joel Maxwell, Nihal Tauro, Mohammed Iqbal, Joshal, Dolvin, Haston, Rony Byndoor and Arun Danthy have rendered their voices to this album.