The 7th batch of Kalakul presented its third play titled – ‘Moaksh Bhavan’, at the 195th Monthly Theatre, on Sun., March 04, 2018, at Kalaangann, Mangalore.

The play enacted by - Prakash K.,Flavia Rodrigues Kalakul, Swarna Rita Veigas Kalakul, Jackson D’Cunha Kalakul, Flavia Violet Mascarenhas, Manish Godlin Pinto. It was a Classical drama played for the first time in Konkani. The team was successful in uplifting the core theme of the play Moaksh (salvation). While living, people longing behind money, property, beauty, etc., but once he dies all will go in vain, after death only dead body remains.

To attain Salvation, one requires good relationship, honesty and humility. Even though we follow different religions, creator is only one.

Beauty of the drama is combination of realistic and absurd concept, all actors contributed in the success of the play by superior acting. Concept, presentation and lighting was appreciated by all. People witnessed a rare quality drama.

The play was written and directed by Arunraj Rodrigues and co-directed by Vikas Lasrado Kalakul. Guru Murthy V.S. and Alron Mathew Rodrigues provided background music.

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