Culture gives one Identity. Identity tells him/her - ‘who he/she is’, ‘where he/she belongs’ and ‘what his/her roots are’. In this sense of belonging one finds security. And in security alone does he/she thrives and flourishes, individually and collectively. Culture therefore is the basis of progress. No culture, no future.

Culture is our most precious heritage. It is our duty therefore to live it, cherish it, enrich it, preserve it, and gift it to our children, for them to do the same. If we fail in this sacred duty, we commit a historic crime.

Culture connects our past and our future. In fact, we are just a link in the chain of transmission of culture. If we do not perform our duty (of living, enriching, preserving, and transmitting culture), we not only betray our forefathers but also cheat our children of their identity.

It takes centuries for a culture to take shape and less than a generation to destroy it.

The world is a beautiful garden adorned with cultures of very many hues, shapes and fragrances. Each culture is unique, rare and special. No culture is superior or inferior to another. Despite this, due to the compulsions of economics and politics, people with power and authority have always claimed their culture to be superior and have tried, time and again, to suppress and destroy other cultures.

Today’s world is facing a similar situation. Globalisation, it is evident, is out to establish the hegemony of the English language and western culture and is destroying all other languages and cultures, all over the world. Konkani, is a victim, and sadly, is faced with the threat of extinction.

In the face of this threat, it is the duty of every Konkani to preserve the language and culture. For, if Konkani dies, our identity is lost and the world will be rendered much less beautiful because of this.

Come, let’s preserve our identity.


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