What began as a musical experiment, grew into a movement of Konkani culture. The Mandd Sobhann experiment triggered a series of other experiments. Though - music, performing arts and folk arts always existed, the question of the ‘Konkani Identity’ was raised by the Mandd Sobhann movement, for the first time, and what followed was an incessant endeavour to preserve, promote, enrich Konkani language and culture. Towards this end, 27 other experiments in arts, culture and traditions, followed. The net result of all these efforts of 29 years, was that dying traditions and art forms were revived and entire Konkani culture was rejuvenated. It was as if Konkani got a new lease of life.

For this reason alone, Mandd Sobhann is today identified as the custodian of Konkani culture and is credited with having extended the life span of Konkani, in the face of globalization.

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